Protect Charity

Many of our clients have donated their furnishings from the rentals we manage. We give those furnishings to people who are in need or sell them and use the funds to their charity of choice or our “Changing the Cycle” program we do for underprivileged Children or half way recovery's etc. If you would like to learn more about our Charity and what we do, contact James Zaste directly from the "Contact" tab.

We believe that the true definition of charity means, "giving to a person or persons without wanting or getting something in return." That's why 100% of the items or donations that we receive go directly to people who need it. Any money that is paid out for advertising, retreats, and or transportation comes from James Zaste’s personal funds.  NO WAGES are paid from donations or from items sold - All Volunteers.  That's why the name "Protect Charity" because Charity is giving not receiving !!